Wooden Mirror is about prince Ambo, a boy too sweet for the harsh kingdom he’s growing up into....

Ambo is very emotional and creative, but in his kingdom those traits are not required. At least not from men. In fact in Hairyback Kingdom all men must be warriors and all women must be nurses.

Unfortunately Ambo doesn’t want to be a warrior, he doesn’t have it in him. Instead he is attracted by the creative energy of women. But in his kingdom this is not an option. Sensitive and fragile, Ambo grows up fighting to find his place in life.


Our credo

We strongly believe...

We don't need gender roles

We want to break gender stereotypes, brick by brick.

In the positive impact of stories

We believe that stories can have a positive impact on the society and change it.

In unconventional solutions

We believe we can tackle sensitive issues in unconventional ways.



Challenging gender roles by telling the story of a boy who fights for his freedom to be....

We are an independent team of artists who believe that stories can change the world. Wooden Mirror is our way to fight gender roles stereotypes. Wooden Mirror is a cartoon series project that tells the story of Ambo, a boy who grows up in an inflexible society where gender roles are pushed to the extremes. To keep maximum creative freedom, no broadcasters have been involved. Everything we do is self-financed and we are planning a fundraising campaign to help us carry on the project. We believe that our sweat and tears are well spent: if you also think that gender roles are bullshit, help us get this series alive. Learn more about our story and scroll down to discover the world of Wooden Mirror.

Carlo Zoratti

writer & producer

"Carlo is an award winning director, writer and producer. With his previous film he won a SXSW Audience Award, was nominated at the Italian Golden Globes and Silver Ribbon. "

Sergi Sanchez

writer & director

"Sergi aka Ombrebueno is a spanish illustrator and director. He won 4 Art Director Clubs awards and Wooden Mirror is his first cinematic adventure."


The rest of the crew

"With Sergi and Carlo are working 40 other people from all over Europe and one comes from as far as New Zealand. "

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